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From Lisa Fitterman, “Kidnapper-dad taught lesson”, The Week In Review: January 21-27, Montreal Gazette, January 27, 2001, p. B2:

A clear message. A man who kidnapped his son 14 years ago and hid out with him for more than a decade was sentenced in Quebec Superior Court to a whopping six years behind bars. The sentence–twice what the Crown asked for–is the longest ever meted out in Canada for such a crime, and Justice Pierre Béliveau warned that any parent who unilaterally decides to make his or her own justice in child-custody matters should be aware that the Canadian justice system will neither forget nor be lenient.

Béliveau dismissed a defence argument that the father’s Iranian culture had to be taken into account. He said that members of various ethnic communities would be offended to learn that cultural practices were being used to excuse illegal behaviour.

The boy, now 17, has said he hates his mother and has rejected any attempts to reconcile.

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