somebody said what purity

With its history of pederasts. With one still having to ask for a Papal apology. Where one looks for that purity of Light.

Where one is in a back pew, on one’s knees, in disgrace.

Always in disgrace.

And still there is no other place to get the


To make sense

Remember this person complaining about the central city mosque. His problem: “They want to be popular. We don’t want to be popular.” Separate musalla, in a strip mall, with no movement towards

Had a colleague getting married to his boyfriend in the United Church. He was brought up in the Evangelical tradition, going to one of their religious colleges. Until

Not entirely comfortable getting married United. “Too liberal,” he said. Wanted the connection to which he related. Until

Seems that this Touch transcends

And also links.

And never lets go.

In the back pew
No other

And no other place


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