Need for Satan

She said, as an atheist:

It is easier to address evil.
No Devil to blame.
One sees it in people.
Nothing to fall back on.

Maybe not. When faced with evil, and when opposing evil, one is guarding against one’s own tendencies.

Needing Satan to know what it means to be righteous.

With Hitler, one appreciated the particular evil associated with the dehumanization of Jews. And how so many people could quickly move to a Devil’s precipice. Where was the moral caution of opposition?

Yet after Hitler was defeated, anti-semitism continued. And continues.

Satan reminds one of the particular darkness within everyone.

What Satan does not remind, but rather demonstrates, is how much easier it is to move collectively towards that darkness. The contagion of Hellfire.

Without Satan, individual slippage is easy, and often subconscious.

Yet with Satan, crowd slippage is also easy, fast and transparent.

So if one is born innocent…


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