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Back to Persepolis

In relation to how the imposed “modest” attire for women becomes a symbol of larger oppressions. Persepolis:

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This idea of so much control by men. Of women, and their public appearance. How it is driven by religion, or culture as reinforced by religion. This concept of “public decency” being referenced to how women present. If considered too … Continue reading

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Get Over Myself

From Somebody to Love? by Grace Slick, with Andrea Cagan (1998): I see this life as a portrait that is mine to manifest in my own way, a universe of pictures we trade with each other as kids trade baseball … Continue reading

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Something else that you see

Wrote about cornet player Buddy Bolden, in relation to the disappearance and self-renaming of pianist Bobby Henderson. Didn’t know that Bolden was considered to be a founder of jazz, and the leader of the first jazz group. Finding out that … Continue reading

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Have previously written about Bobby Henderson, the pianist considered to be the next Fats Waller, and an early or first fiancĂ© of singer Billie Holiday. The engagement ended, and so did he, for a significant period of time. From With … Continue reading

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In My Head

From With Billie, by Julia Blackburn (2005), in relation to Bobby Henderson (1910-1969), a pianist who accompanied and was an early fiancĂ© of singer Billie Holiday (1915-1959). Considered to be the successor to Fats Waller (1904-1943): Away from the night-life … Continue reading

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Ortona 1943, 1998: Terry F. Rowe

Reading a major CBC news story on the Ortona Christmas reconciliation dinner, 1998, published January, 1999, uncredited, as “Return to Ortona: A Battlefield Redemption“. Fifty-five years after there was a brief respite from the fighting, to celebrate Christmas amidst bloodshed, … Continue reading

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