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Making the same move

…though with a different feight. Elementary hockey of life.

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Live Forever

Met an older academic colleague. As if that means much, at my own age. Still teaches, every term, despite being retired as of 65. He must be 75 or so now. Said so many around him are dying. Mentioned some … Continue reading

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Lasting image: “The Price of Peace”, by Canadian artist Robert Surette, in Ortona, Italy. Donated labour; material provided by artist Bruce Garner. What is not as readily remembered is that the monument came from funds donated by Canadians, directly and … Continue reading

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Youngbloods: Sugar Babe

I got drunk And fell on the floor Sugar Baby Youngbloods, 1967: Thought it was a traditional song, reworked. Turns out that it is an original, written by Jesse Colin Young, around the age of 26. Where most of the … Continue reading

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If I thought I knew you

…then I’d try Illinois Speed Press, 1970

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From an article in Ontario Farmer, February 19, 2013, p. 23: Foreign land deals hurting poor Third World farmers Foreign investment in farmland is having some devastating effects in Third World countries, says an article by Britain’s Guardian newspaper. The … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Downtown

So yes, once it was a downtown residence for many, with its own private yard: Bicycle to board

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Pianist Jimmy Rowles on saxophonist Lester Young and Billie Holiday, as recounted by Julia Blackburn, in With Billie (2005): [In 1942], Jimmy thought she was probably more happy than she had ever been, or would ever be again, because things … Continue reading

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Have written letters for others. Have written speeches for others. Have written articles for others. In most cases, under the originator’s direction and with the originator’s input, review and ultimate approval. Performing such functions when someone has confidence in a … Continue reading

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Pool of Isolation

From a profile of Lester Young, by Julia Blackburn, in With Billie (2005): He stands there in a pool of isolation, clutching the saxophone, one leg placed in front of the other to give him better balance, and his heavy-lidded … Continue reading

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