Community Leader

So many non-elected persons purport to lead, followed by representations to government that such persons have particular influence. Or followed by attempts to influence.

Would seem that elected officials should be somewhat cautious in relation to the “I am a leader of X community” representation. The organization itself may be non-representative of the “community”, and the funding of such an organization may be unclear, if not entirely undisclosed. Politicians may engage based on some representation as to the possibility of block votes. “They will vote for you if I support you” involves a particular view of the electorate that seems to obviate the need to persuade individuals of the merits of a particular position. Just be friends with the “community” leader.

If one wishes to encourage pluralist engagement and to demonstrate support for a pluralist democracy…well, somehow the “I am the leader of X community” rings hollow, exclusionary and divisive, meriting a highly measured response.

Or at least knowing how someone became that which is now called “leader”, as well as the nature and extent of the “community” that he or she supposedly leads.

Haven’t taken the course

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