From “A Pastoral Vision for Ottawa” by Archbishop Terrence Predergast, S.J., as published in Catholic Ottawa, Spring/Summer 2017:

…We have chosen to adopt the invitation of Pope Francis that each Catholic see himself or herself as a “missionary disciple” called to share the gospel message of Jesus with family members, fellow parishioners and friends at school, work and play. To do this, I am asking newly-appointed pastors to seek out a small team of parish leaders who will commit to going through a discipleship process with him. Then they will work with him so that together—pastor and flock—they may draw others to become disciples—helping people to encounter Jesus and commit to his way of life—thereby becoming mature missionary disciples. Becoming a disciple can begin in a number of ways: following the Alpha program, taking a “Life in the Spirit” seminar, making a Cursillo weekend, embracing one of the spiritualties represented in the archdiocese (e.g., Carmelite, Franciscan, Ignatian, Marist, Oblate, Communion and Liberation, Companions of the Cross).

The goal is that over time every parish will develop an active process of forming disciples so that parents can be equipped take up the challenge of handing on the faith to their children. Then our youth will see marriage, consecrated life and priesthood as ways to live out the call of Jesus to know Him intimately and make Him known to others…

Does one need the course or the call

Any contradiction between charismatic evangelization and Catholicism

Immense and unexpected gift


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