Common sentiment seems to be that there is something beyond.

Issue becomes who is the true interpreter, who is the true representative.

Maybe they all are.

Including people one meets on a day to day basis, who seem to have a particular sense of that which is beyond the present.

Difference is that those who have that sense now make no claim to saviour status. And often they are not the principal interpreters or representatives of those who claim to be The One.

So one is left with human subordinates, often without that particular light.

Remember speaking with someone as to why he should become an Imam. He had the light, but thought that such referenced vocation would be too prideful.

So when one says I know who is the Last Messenger

She got chains, attached to my head


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One Response to Many

  1. A friend commented as follows:

    The important question becomes: What does the One beyond want from us?

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