Peter and Gordon: Stranger With A Black Dove

But in the shadow of the night
You won’t see what I am like
I’m the one who’ll take you where you’re going
I’m a river that is going across your land
I’m a stranger with a black dove in my hand

Written by Gordon Waller and Peter Asher. From the 1967 Peter and Gordon album, Knight in Rusty Armour. One of two co-written original songs on the album. Produced by John Burgess.

Didn’t know that doves could be black. Then find out that there is much symbolism, such as here, in “Black Dove dream interpretations”:

The dove…alludes to the messenger, the letter, and the unexpected or the urgent information. According to legend, it was blessed by Noah after he was disappointed by a crow. He had sent the latter to view the condition of the water, but the crow, having seen carrion floating on the surface, forgot all about its mission. By contrast, the dove brought Noah a green leaf.

Going everywhere
But never going home


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