Eyes As Whispers


Mysterious Eyes by Ciril Jazbec, 2005
Ciril at Deviant Art

Was thinking about how the message in the eyes can convey much more.

With subtlety.

With secrecy.

Wondered if the association had been made elsewhere. Found that the term “whispering eye” had a sexual connotation.

Then found this 2012 piece by Omar Ghraieb, “Eyes Language: Eyes Can Whisper“. Some extracts, as edited:

Certain kinds of people don’t know how to lie. Yes, don’t laugh. But it’s not because they are angels and others are demons. It’s simply because their eyes are scandalous…

Eyes can also reflect hatred, danger, envy, resentment, deceit, lust or desire (and numerous other things). You might feel like asking me: “Omar, how can I know what the look means?”, and my answer will be: there is a natural filter inside of us that helps us determine the hidden intentions that occur behind the look. Some have stronger filter than others. And sometimes it also relates to trusting your instinct or ignoring it, especially when your body is trying to give you signals/warnings about a person you know/meet/see/gaze at. Looks are usually accompanied with facial expressions. These expressions are tools to help you in decoding the looks…

Eyes tell secrets that people don’t dare say, so make sure you listen and pay attention. Eyes are able to whisper even louder than your lips.

The title of Omar Ghraieb’s blog: Gaza: In The Eyes Of The Beholder.


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