Perpetual Stream

Expressing concerns to two people about how books continue to be remaindered, with no royalties to the author from that point. Wondering why the author couldn’t negotiate publishing contract to be given first option to purchase his or her remaindered books, at wholesale remaindered prices, if not at manufacturing cost, to later sell or distribute personally. Lots of storage facilities these days.

Remembered how the same issues plagued musicians. Album, cassette or CD remaindered, with nothing to the artist from that point. If the technology were dictated to be changed, such as the elimination of cassette recordings, entire inventories ending up being dumped. Remember once being involved in a royalty audit of a record company, where the remainder issue was major. Seemed that record companies could often make more by remaindering recordings, where the profit on resale involved no time or costs associated with calculating or paying royalties.

Have written about streaming here and here. Somebody pointing out that one advantage of streaming music, even where royalty rates are low, is that there will never be a remaindering issue. The music will always be there. Though whether the revenue stream to artists extends to surviving family members…currency of copyright law

Somebody telling me there are multi-million streams of this one:


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