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From Rumours of Glory (2014), by Bruce Cockburn and journalist Greg King:

With the Mozambican economy eviscerated, the postwar government was in the process of restructuring to meet the demands of the IMF and the World Bank, inviting a feeding frenzy of carpetbagger capitalism–old-school colonialism in a brand-new suit. Foreign interests gobbled up rights to Mozambique’s oil and minerals, timber, offshore fisheries, the remains of what was once the world’s largest cashew industry, and–in a bitter irony seen often in poor lands with high food exports–a very hungry labour force. Even the HIV virus, kept at bay by Mozambique’s relative isolation during the war, began appearing as a colonizer. Underpaid teachers charged students for the release of their marks, and thousands of demobilized soldiers turned to banditry to survive, sometimes renting their weaponry from police officers who themselves resorted to mugging passersby to augment their wages. About this I can speak with some authority as I was held up by two cops near by hotel in Maputo. I was robbed of a hundred dollars, but allowed to keep my knife.

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