Move on, away

From Rumours of Glory (2014), by Bruce Cockburn and journalist Greg King:

Flying in a small aircraft over Cambodia, we saw a landscape made of bomb craters, albeit softened with the green of thriving vegetation, that pocked vast tracts of rich agricultural soil. The American bombing campaign plunged the country’s rural youth into an enraged collective madness, leaving them ripe to be consumed by the egomaniacal pathology of Pol Pot. This tiny nation suffered the full spectrum of human indecency, and yet, following the war, the prevailing atmosphere was one of quiet determination to move forward–not ignoring the past, but leaving the dead to bury the dead. There was talk, among international bodies, of war crimes trials or some legal reckoning with what was left of the Khmer Rouge. The Cambodian government made some noises about it too, but people we met showed little enthusiasm for the idea. The absence of recrimination seemed miraculous. Whether out of forgiveness or simply a need to forget, the people were looking ahead, toward a life of peace most had never experienced.

Though others

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