As it then was


“Participants stand at attention as Iran’s national anthem is played
at the start of an anti-extremism conference in the Iranian city of Qom,
78 miles (125 kilometers) south of Tehran, on November 23, 2014.
(photo credit: AP/Mehr News Agency/Zoheir Seidanloo)”

Came across this 2014 Associated Press story by Ali Akbar Dareini, based in Tehran, as extracted from the Times of Israel coverage, November 24, 2014:

Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists:
At international conference, Sunni and Shiite scholars discuss how to tackle radicalism, Islamic State

QOM, Iran (AP) — Shiite and Sunni clerics from about 80 countries gathered in Iran’s holy city of Qom on Sunday to develop a strategy to combat extremists, including the Islamic State group that has captured large parts of Iraq and Syria.

Shiite-majority Iran has been helping Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish forces battle the Sunni extremist group on the ground while the US-led coalition has been bombing it from the air. The Islamic State group views Shiites as apostates deserving of death and has massacred hundreds of captured Syrian and Iraqi soldiers, as well as Sunni rivals.

Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, the chief organizer of the conference, appealed for consensus among Islam’s two main branches, urging all Muslim clerics to work to discredit groups espousing extremism.

“Military attacks against this deviant [Islamic State] group are necessary but insufficient. The roots of their violent ideology must be dried up. This is the job of Muslim scholars, to preach the true, moderate face of Islam and expose the ugly face of IS ideology,” said Shirazi, a prominent Shiite cleric who has a large following in Iran and abroad.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite, said the Islamic State group is the biggest threat to Islam. “They were created to undermine Islam and destroy Muslim societies. IS kills both Shiite and Sunni Muslims,” he said.

Sunni scholar Abdulrahman Sarbazi, who leads Friday prayers in an area of southeastern Iran that is home to many Sunnis, said “Sunni Muslims also condemn the violent practices of takfiris, who are a threat to humanity. “Takfiri” is an Arabic word for Islamic extremist.

Then, staining a moment

Others repeated widely circulated conspiracy theories holding that the United States and Israel created the Islamic State group to sow discord in the Muslim world…

And in terms of recent stain

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