Maybe it was the name…

Cashmere Mafia. Picked up the sole season set in a DVD discount bin. More like a half season. Seven episodes, running for two months–January and February, 2008, and then cancelled.

Series about four women in senior business roles, whose collective friendship was formed in business school. All four are each other’s best friends. Now lots of money, lots of New York flash, lots of juggling life. Knew about Lucy Liu. Maybe had heard about Frances O’Connor and Miranda Otto, or recognized the names from somewhere, but didn’t know about Bonnie Somerville.

Series was promoted as being by the same people who produced Sex and the City. Writing seems to have more bite here. Lucy Liu very different here than in Elementary.

Seemed to be working well. The music had a nice edge. Wish it had been given more of a chance to develop.

Could have been the name; can readily put one off. This is more Four Sides: New York or Downtown Ascension or Uptown Strategy…or maybe these are worse…

Still, wish there were more to come from this:


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