From the grave

Edward J. Abramson

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

It’s election time in BC. Tuesday will see whether the Liberals, now of Christy Clark, will be re-elected for a fourth time after 16 years in government. The NDP and Greens are the alternatives. It turned out when I saw the ballot in the advance poll yesterday that there were also a Libertarian and an Independent. No Conservative – they only got around to nominating 0 candidates, and not in my riding.

Voting reminded me of the old voting pattern in Saskatchewan that existed when I was growing up there back in the last century. Our parents, collectively as a statistical average, had the tendency to vote more conservative federally, and less conservatively provincially. At least it seemed that way. Progressive Conservative federally with a few Liberals and NDP sprinkled in. NDP provincially with a few Liberals sprinkled in. Of course, we should remember that in old Saskatchewan, the NDP especially of Allan Blakeney were the “conservatives” of balanced budgets and no deficits. And there were exceptions like the day voters woke and realized they had elected Ross Thatcher and a Liberal majority, or much later, Grant Devine and a Conservative majority.

When I went to the advance polls yesterday, I remembered that my stepdad, Ed Abramson, would prefer me to vote for the NDP. He’s been dead since 1999, but I remember he worked very hard the last BC election he lived through to persuade me to vote for Glen Clark, later forced to resign as NDP premier. Every time I was moved to criticize that Clark, I had to preface my remarks by admitting I was one of the ones who had elected him in the first place. Embarrassing.

It’s funny to think that almost 20 years after his death, my stepdad would still be trying to influence my vote from beyond the grave. You’d think that I would have been a natural supporter of the BC Liberals. Practically everything they were promising sounded about right to me assuming they would do what they said – which they pretty much do as well as any governing party. Funny I’d be thinking about my stepdad’s preferences and the old natural order of voting back in old time Saskatchewan, as I stood there, pencil in hand, getting ready to mark my ballot.


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