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Take it

From Rumours of Glory (2014), by Bruce Cockburn and journalist Greg King: With the Mozambican economy eviscerated, the postwar government was in the process of restructuring to meet the demands of the IMF and the World Bank, inviting a feeding … Continue reading

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Move on, away

From Rumours of Glory (2014), by Bruce Cockburn and journalist Greg King: Flying in a small aircraft over Cambodia, we saw a landscape made of bomb craters, albeit softened with the green of thriving vegetation, that pocked vast tracts of … Continue reading

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Easier to be II

In terms of the acquaintance who had become and atheist and found it easier to be a better person, asked her for an example of the easier circumstance. It is easier to address evil. No Devil to blame. One sees … Continue reading

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Easier to be

From an acquaintance, meeting regularly over thirty years, this time on the bus: It was easier to be a better person when I stopped trying to believe in Christianity. She is a former Presbyterian, once considering the ministry. Now she … Continue reading

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Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, the country’s top Islamic authority, condemned what he called “the disgusting terrorist operation that was carried out by extremists against our Christian brethren.” He quoted the prophet Muhammad as having declared: “Whoever harms a person … Continue reading

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As it then was

Came across this 2014 Associated Press story by Ali Akbar Dareini, based in Tehran, as extracted from the Times of Israel coverage, November 24, 2014: Muslim clerics meet in Iran to counter extremists: At international conference, Sunni and Shiite scholars … Continue reading

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Seems that much of life involves control of negative emotions, while at the same time having the judgement to know when and how to resist darkness. Focused negatives towards another turning to focused negatives towards a group, and then to … Continue reading

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Chris Cornell suicide, and spousal suspicion that Ativan may have been a factor. So much so that Rolling Stone runs a “What does it do?” article. Basic point being that Ativan is for panic attacks, not for depression. Know what … Continue reading

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Toute notre vie, depuis la naissance de nos enfants, on se bat. Story by Catherine Montambeault Journal de Montréal, le 22 mai 2017: “Appel à l’aide de parents d’enfants handicapés: À 21 ans, leur progéniture n’aura plus accès à des … Continue reading

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Comments from another: Nobody gets spared from the challenges of life. Or, if they do, I don’t like them. Something about trial by trial…

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