Dubious or Unlucky


Daniel Stewart Sutherland
Photo owned by Elinor Mitchell, of Georgetown, Ontario
Reproduced with permission of Neil Remington Abramson

In “Discovered Relatives“, Neil Remington Abramson wrote, in part, as follows:

My great grandfather was Rev. Daniel Stewart Sutherland, the only known member of the family to convert from Presbyterian to Anglican, to win the heart of the woman he wanted to marry. He was born in 1851. No one knows when he died. but my grandmother was born in 1888 and her sister in 1886, so he probably was still alive at the turn of the century. He became an Anglican priest but eventually disappeared. He was my paternal grandmother’s father. As a non-Presbyterian, he was an anomaly, and the only one. His disappearance was not anomalous. Apparently people did that, in the late 19th century… It seemed that for whatever reasons they were very critical of Daniel and he simply walked away, abandoning them.

With the exception of Daniel, the whole family has always been Presbyterian, as I am now. Daniel, the anomaly, was an Anglican, as I was, for many years.

Neil commented further, as follows:

I guess in those days (late 19th Century) you could actually still disappear for reasons other than running off with a new sweetheart or being abducted by space aliens. No one knew the reasons for his disappearance, no one ever heard. He could have been lost in a snowstorm or lost for either of the two foregoing reasons. Possibly he was a dubious character, or just unlucky. No one knew then, and certainly not now.

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