Too Much of Too Much


Barry Jenkins in front of Lukes Guitars

From Eddi Fiegel, Dream a Little Dream of Me: The Life of ‘Mama’ Cass Elliot (2005):

…there were also constant comings and goings from a seemingly never-ending stream of friends, colleagues, sometime boyfriends, visiting rock stars, acquaintances and friends of friends… On any given day, the house seemed almost like a split-screen movie with half a dozen different scenarios taking place simultaneously in different parts of the house…

…many of them were simply there to take advantage of her hospitality. Her house was widely known for offering a steady supply of good food and drugs in the comfort of extremely pleasant surroundings…

The hangers on and the drug-heavy crowd…

In one’s house, and backstage. Constant parade of people and drugs.

Remember William Hawkins saying that he got out not because he didn’t like the stage, but because of what happened when he left the stage.

Had wondered for a number of years why Barry Jenkins, former drummer for The Animals, would leave a successful early career and spend the rest of his life operating a used musical instrument shop.

Makes sense, when the alternative is constant fog and chaos.


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