Do I know you?
From “Look at me! 26 selfies of the week
CNN, June 17, 2015

Musicians and politicians standing for photos. Some musicians even engaging assistants, as part of the entourage, to take the pictures. Politicians standing as, one by one, the people come up for photos. Almost like a form of Santa Claus photo. Somehow considered more substantial than the selfie, though largely on the same plane. Artificial connection. Or exaggerated connection.

Recall that Mick Jagger generally declines this type of setup, involving photos with people he doesn’t know. Same with Prince Harry, for the most part.

Would seem to be more substantial if taken in circumstances of some form of engagement.

Though maybe even Mick…


David Pearl, The Mick of Time:
Or How to Get More Satisfaction
From Your Schedule in 2015

HuffPost Entertainment (U.K.), March 3, 2015

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