Was reading a copy of the Bulletin, the monthly publication of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Impressed with how everything was in both Official Languages, and where both Official Languages were immediately present. No half magazine in English, then turn it over and the same magazine is published in French. Sending a message in the blend that both Official Languages are part of everything, at every moment.

Used to be this way with certain professional publications. Both the Chartered Accountants and the Certified Management Accountants, as examples and as they then were, published bilingual monthly magazines, with the bilingual nature of the Certified General Accountant publication seeming to be more immediately present, if recollection serves.

Then the Chartered Accountants started to publish completely separate issues on both Official Languages. Had to request receipt of both versions, which I did. When they all rolled into the Chartered Professional Accountant designation, suddenly all being received was in English only. No invitation to the membership to receive both.

Of course, it is all available online, with the same linguistic wall. Instead of having one’s eyes move immediately from English to French, one has to switch to the chosen linguistic version of the website. Same with most websites, government and otherwise.

A sense of life in both Official Languages comes from those languages being equally present, day to day. Seems that the only constant in that regard now is product labelling.

Much missed, by not having more of a similar blend elsewhere.


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