No one ever complained

In relation to “Petition“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

The only class I ever had with 100% on the final was first year Classical Greek. All year I had an A average but I got B on the final and B as my grade. So unfair, I thought.

As a prof, I stopped having final exams altogether. With 30% ESL students, it’s hard for them to read, think, and write in a 3 hour written exam. Switched to take-homes.

I had a neat system of two take-homes each worth 25%. Students could decide on own authority to make the first one worth only 10% and the second 40%. Gave them a chance to recover from a poor midterm result. The rest of the evaluation was based on individual or group performance on other assignments, such as case studies or research papers.

No one ever complained and classes performance usually normally distributed, so my grades were usually an average bell, often lower than my more generous colleagues.

In 25 years, I don’t think I ever had a single formal re-evaluation of a grade, though I had a program director who used to, on occasion, want me to push up the grade of a student he particularly liked. I used to tell him that he was the director and could do it. I wouldn’t.

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