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Stutter Class Contribution

Wrote about the stutter of John Hammond. Thought about how I used to have a class participation mark, early in teaching career, mid-1980s. Would take attendance, and then ask students randomly to contribute to class discussion. Class participation mark being … Continue reading

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From the tree

Neil Remington Abramson, a Presbyterian elder, commented as follows: I always thought the two religious traditions of my family were Anglican through my father, and Lutheran through my mother, and I was always happy with Anglican. I regarded Presbyterian as … Continue reading

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Commenting on the beautiful chaos of the rising flowers throughout a retiree’s front lawn. Her retired next door neighbour has everything manicured and precision throughout. Flowers not yet elevating, seemingly waiting for the command to order. What she said: My … Continue reading

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Thin Lizzy: Don’t Believe A Word

Don’t believe me when I tell you Original: Live and slowed down: Def Leppard cover that comes too close to the original: Space Elevator: Andreas and Friends: Couch Covers: Interesting acoustic Laura Izibor, assuming a degree of ownership:

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Everything Planned

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: Two weeks from tomorrow will be my first day of retirement. I’m feeling a bit antsy, like I was not very well prepared for a big exam coming up. I’m feeling a bit blue … Continue reading

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Too Much of Too Much

From Eddi Fiegel, Dream a Little Dream of Me: The Life of ‘Mama’ Cass Elliot (2005): …there were also constant comings and goings from a seemingly never-ending stream of friends, colleagues, sometime boyfriends, visiting rock stars, acquaintances and friends of … Continue reading

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Sun and Cloud

I met a man standing on the street today Through his eyes, the world looked so grim As if we all don’t know just what it’s like When the rain falls down and the lightning strikes My ex-wife would comment … Continue reading

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