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Train Wave

Something about a train. When it passes, the inclination to wave. Train to Toronto passes by a major Ottawa bus stop. People waiting for buses immediately stop to wave. Some prefer to miss the bus, if train has not completely … Continue reading

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Bad Company: Good Lovin’ Gone Bad

Bad Company, with lots of mixed outrage: If I hear you knocking Hard upon my door Ain’t no way that I’m gonna answer it Live: Live and much younger: So go on And leave me for another

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In relation to “Knowledge of Self and Other“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: This is what I don’t like about strategic planning, ethically speaking. The total war model requires you logically to behave in ways that eschew forgiveness and … Continue reading

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It all comes back

My ex-wife and I get along much better now, with mutual respect. Wasn’t that way, for roughly ten years of a sixteen year marriage. As matters were deferred to collapsing, started working on Parliament Hill, 1995. Met with personnel officer. … Continue reading

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She said I love a man with thinning hair. She was in her twenties. So was he. Another said the thinning caused a focus on the face, which she liked. Like hijab or niqab effect. Focus on what is there, … Continue reading

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Knowledge of Self and Other

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I wrote a paper on self-altering (self-fulfilling & self-defeating) prophecies related to North American companies doing business in China, published in Business Quarterly back in the 90s (Abramson, N.R. & J.X. Ai [1994], “Taking … Continue reading

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Dubious or Unlucky

In “Discovered Relatives“, Neil Remington Abramson wrote, in part, as follows: My great grandfather was Rev. Daniel Stewart Sutherland, the only known member of the family to convert from Presbyterian to Anglican, to win the heart of the woman he … Continue reading

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Stutter Class Contribution

Wrote about the stutter of John Hammond. Thought about how I used to have a class participation mark, early in teaching career, mid-1980s. Would take attendance, and then ask students randomly to contribute to class discussion. Class participation mark being … Continue reading

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From the tree

Neil Remington Abramson, a Presbyterian elder, commented as follows: I always thought the two religious traditions of my family were Anglican through my father, and Lutheran through my mother, and I was always happy with Anglican. I regarded Presbyterian as … Continue reading

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Commenting on the beautiful chaos of the rising flowers throughout a retiree’s front lawn. Her retired next door neighbour has everything manicured and precision throughout. Flowers not yet elevating, seemingly waiting for the command to order. What she said: My … Continue reading

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