Problematic Distance

In relation to “Crime“, a friend commented as follows:

I have not heard the sermon to make a judgement. Even still, publicly presenting such language without having a purpose and without explaining the context is wrong. I prefer to keep a distance from commenting on any current events.

By reading your piece, I have an impression that he is calling people to murder all Jews. I then read the CBC article and thought that there was nothing as extreme as you portrayed. Nonetheless, I would like to add some context to the hadith shared in the CBC article. The hadith, if authentic, speaks of an event at a battlefield at the end of times. It does not speak to all Jews. There is a context that has not been presented in the sermon. In the hadith, the Prophet was not asking people to commit any act, but was prophesying about a future event. For the “Imam” to present the hadith out of context is problematic, but to also ask for criminalizing or denouncing the hadith, without exploring its context. is also problematic.

One might suggest that such prophecies are destructive to peace, hateful and are no longer appropriate in modern times. Let it be. However, if one wants to criminalize such prophesying literature, to be fair, one has to criminalize anything similar in any book or source, from any school of thought, particularly relating to the end of time.

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