Error in Type III

Sometimes it comes around, to qualify. In relation to “Crime“, concerning heinous advocacy by Imams in Canada, and whether hate crime prosecutions should be initiated, came across this earlier discussion, extracted:

Error in Type (July 18, 2013):

Lots of Christians killed each other during World War I and II. Essence of the conflict was not Christian against Christian, but something else. Only recent ongoing Christian against Christian conflict, where there is a basis in religion, though also history and cultural clashes, seems to be Ireland. Yet people don’t ask either the Protestants or the Catholics in Ireland to defend Christianity. Still craziness on various levels, with no possible religious defence.

Orthodox beliefs, across religions, are generally hostile to the education of women, it seems. Have taught many Muslim women, with niqab, hijab, or no hijab. Or going from no hijab to hijab. Student identification card at exam shows hair, but things have later changed. So if family support, not hostility…

Conflict in Egypt doesn’t seem Muslim against Muslim, challenging the religion, but more secular people, who happen to be Muslim, among other religions, opposing those who would impose Islam as the basis of civil law. Same conflict in Turkey, it seems.

Error in Type II (July 21, 2013)

In fact, those who are the strongest advocates of the religion, and they exist today and have existed through history, are mostly poor people, who take no worldly benefits from these acts. They strive to spread the world of Allah, only for the sake of Allah. If you notice, this is how all Prophets were.

Obviously, those who spread the word of Islam today are not by any means like how the Prophets were, but hopefully they have the same view. As I see them, they are full of mercy for humanity, and want to spread that mercy to others.

A good advocate of Islam is trying to take that message of mercy that the Prophets brought from Allah, and then spread it. In my eyes, especially in today’s materialistic life, people who do that are doing one of the best acts a person can do to help humanity. I see it as something great, whereas some people might see it, unfortunately, as merely “many Muslims hope to convince themselves and the rest of the world that Islam is in essence a religion of peace”.

Misalliance of the mobs:

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