Compulsory Union

Wondering if things would be better off if all non-supervisory and most supervisory employees had to belong to a union. One could vote to choose one’s union, but one had to be a member of one, no matter how small the organization. Don’t know if there is a national model.

People counter by discussing “freedom to choose” and supposed individual bargaining power.

Have never seen a defined benefit private sector pension plan that was not union driven. Have never seen any private sector pension plan that wasn’t union-driven, though there must be some. Plus post-retirement health benefits. Unions deliver more to the average person than from supposed individual bargaining power. The exceptional person may be able to negotiate his or her most favourable contract, but that is the exceptional person.

Maybe because union experience has been personally positive, can’t see the harm in this, beyond businesses threatening to depart. To be replaced by other businesses, driven by union capital or otherwise.

Then one balances compulsory unionization against elimination of right to strike, in favour of compulsory arbitration, through a Labour Court, with the attendant judicial independence, and associated rights of appeal, rather than an administrative tribunal.

So with a union, profits get divided differently. But not necessarily badly.

What you say, what you say
Wonder what you say


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