Asked the class how many students whose first language is not French take classes in French. Very few hands up. Very regrettable at the University of Ottawa, a bilingual university offering substantially parallel programs in both Official Languages of Canada. Where so much assistance is available to support a student taking courses in either Official Language.

Then asked how many students in the class speak more than one language. Vast majority of hands up. Forgot to ask how many students who speak more than one language speak a second language other than French. So it could be that a large percentage of the class speak both English and French, but those whose first language is French are more inclined to take classes in English than those whose first language is English are inclined to take classes in French. When the majority of hands went up as to speaking more than one language, immediately assumed that the second language must be other than French.

Ease of misinterpretation.

Still, at least at this time and place, the unilingual student appears to be a minority.

Some national blend…


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