Frailty of Interpretation

Came across this article by Tom Harpur, “Churches must update creeds”, Toronto Star, March 25, 2001, p. F2, in relation to the view that the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, collectively spoken in Christian religious services, needed to be updated. Not taken by the theme, but then this statement comes out:

Jesus taught no dogmatic creeds whatsoever other than the command to love God, neighbour and ourselves.

Love of self. Almost news, with all this I am a sinner, I will always fail unless forgiven and I must prostrate myself and beg for forgiveness from the Holy Orders. Organizations composed of people. Where religion and power mix to develop this you are nothing, unless getting the ticket through us.

Remember seeing a Facebook page where someone proudly declared that she was a “Slave to Allah” and feeling so very sorry for her.

How different, if at all, in Christian context where day to day human existence is held in contempt, by those leading a particular flock?

Love of oneself involves no slavery to anyone. Love of oneself involves immersion in the warmth and kindness of a Higher Power, amidst gratitude for the granting of existence. Slavery to a Higher Power is impossible,and a sacrilege, if promoted. As it will be promoted, through the frailty of human interpretation, mixed with the false power of self-aggrandisement. Sin of Pride does not mean self-deprecation.

So maybe this is where Dion comes from, transcending to any Higher Power reflection:

In the end
Even at the very end
There is nothing but love


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