Partial II

Referencing the Catecism, from the nuns. As a result of the mixed marriage, my mother wouldn’t sign over the children to the Catholics, other than the first born (me), but also would not permit any to go to Catholic schools. In Saskatoon in the 1960s, the Catholic schools were not particularly prominent in any event, or at least in perception, so no academic loss was considered possible.

What to do, if the one Catholic child in the family is to become familiar with Catholicism? Have no idea why I wasn’t sent to the priests. Ended up with the nuns, in a convent that was in the form of a house near the university. Went there weekly, in preparation for the First Communion. Into the basement, where there was a study area, and one particular nun whose name I don’t remember, teaching. All going well, until one day challenging either the rectitude or the divinity of Christ. Major upset for the nun, and for myself. Going home highly distressed.

Believe I went back, but things were colder and the lessons finished more quickly thereafter.

After the First Communion, brought home a plastic Mary.

My mother destroyed it.

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