Dead Zone: Set Afire The Longship

An email comment to Neil Remington Abramson:

More of a rush than you or I appreciate. We are in the dead zone, let us both keep in mind…

To which he replied:

For now, I am more concerned with “departures” , as reflecting in the Japanese movie of the same name. One must beautify the corpse for its final journey. Perhaps that is why I feel at times that I am such a time traveler from the previous century. Yet, am I the corpse, or am I the one who prepares it for its journey? Probably both, two but also one. One but also two. When the one is cremated, the one will remain, though with the memory of the one passed on.

When the Viking king died they put his body in a longship, set it afire, and the sail carried it into the setting sun, and away.

I suppose that is where I am going, in this self that prepares for his departure, making the body as if it merely slept, before the fire.

Like a Phoenix, one hopes, but who really knows.

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1 Response to Dead Zone: Set Afire The Longship

  1. On March 2, 2017, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

    This is the Viking funeral scene I had in mind:

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