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So a Jordanian Imam shows up as “invited guest” at Montreal mosque and urges the killing of all Jews. Not the first time this has happened in Montreal. Where the Imam says he has Qur’anic interpretive support for what he … Continue reading

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Lying to oneself is called optimism bias. It means we imagine best-case scenarios and hope issues can be controlled, even as things go off the rails. Lying to others is what leading scholar Bent Flyvbjerg calls strategic misrepresentation. Large projects … Continue reading

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Yielding, like ice about to melt. Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I was a lousy chess player (went from C class to Candidate Master over 15-20 years) but very determined. I learned to defend and counterattack. I learned how … Continue reading

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Don Stevenson: So much later

Don Stevenson at 74, having relocated to Toronto. Speaking about how he writes so much more when older. As he then was, some 50 years ago, on drums:

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So much less tiring

From an article by Andrew Marton, “Finally it’s time to meet the real Raquel”, Fort Worth Star Telegram, via Globe and Mail, August 28, 2001, p. R2, in relation to the transformation of Raquel Welch, as exemplified in her role … Continue reading

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Words in Context

Asked my legal colleague if she was a better family law lawyer, now that she had gone through her own divorce. She agreed. Know a fair bit about estates, both in terms of law practice and in terms of the … Continue reading

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When the research matters

Came across article by James Pasternak, a journalist before he became a Toronto city councillor, “Wal-Mart wave: he told you so”, Financial Post, August 28, 2001, p. C2, concerning the research of economics professor Kenneth Stone. In 1988, Stone researched … Continue reading

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