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Hard Copy to Finish

Advantage of hard copy, knowing what needs to be finished. Too easy with everything electronic. Brief attention. The easy electronic wall to turn from. See more people reading hard copy books on the bus. Don’t see hard copy newspapers being … Continue reading

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Saw it, true

Sonja and Thomas Bata: While pursuing her love of architecture as a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Bata fell in love with and married Unclear who took the picture, but there was a particular eye

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Don Stevenson II

Looking to long lines, through imaged eyes. Referenced some Don Stevenson clips, then and now. More now. Toronto 2015: More Toronto, with Fergus Hambleton on guitar: Settled in legacy. Settled in the present. Can’t be so bad

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Expertise Entertainment

Today‚Äôs experts are entertainers. That, I suppose, is why entertainers who become politicians are understood by the people to be experts. In relation to “She thinks she is so smart“, concerning the decline in deference to expertise, Neil Remington Abramson … Continue reading

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Now, or

What am I most proud of? When I hear applause in my ears, when I come off stage. Eric Burdon retrospective, to the times of his collaboration with Brian Auger (1991-1994): Moving to caricature, and then Lawyers are everywhere They … Continue reading

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Problematic Distance

In relation to “Crime“, a friend commented as follows: I have not heard the sermon to make a judgement. Even still, publicly presenting such language without having a purpose and without explaining the context is wrong. I prefer to keep … Continue reading

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Error in Type III

Sometimes it comes around, to qualify. In relation to “Crime“, concerning heinous advocacy by Imams in Canada, and whether hate crime prosecutions should be initiated, came across this earlier discussion, extracted: Error in Type (July 18, 2013): Lots of Christians … Continue reading

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She thinks she’s so smart

Attack on expertise, on intelligence. Genna Buck interviews Tom Nichols: No one listens to experts anymore, Ottawa Metro, March 23, 2017. What he says, what he says People don’t want to talk about it [anti-intellectualism], but it’s because of the … Continue reading

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So a Jordanian Imam shows up as “invited guest” at Montreal mosque and urges the killing of all Jews. Not the first time this has happened in Montreal. Where the Imam says he has Qur’anic interpretive support for what he … Continue reading

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Lying to oneself is called optimism bias. It means we imagine best-case scenarios and hope issues can be controlled, even as things go off the rails. Lying to others is what leading scholar Bent Flyvbjerg calls strategic misrepresentation. Large projects … Continue reading

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