Not the people

Thought that, in a democracy, the people are always right. Appears that this view is not entirely shared. Some arguing that Plato and Aristotle, such great thinkers, did not favour democracy. The people needing someone to further what is best for them. And they may not know what is best for them, so these others believe.

What they say, what he said:

The mistake, however, is to assume that this trust is in the majority’s ability to reach fair and wise decisions about specific policies. That kind of trust is not just unjustified, it’s borderline insane. No sensible person thinks majority opinion is a good guide to best practice in health, education, engineering, or pretty much everything else. So why would public policy be any exception?

Plato and Aristotle get a bad rap these days for their rejection of democracy. But the substance of their objections were spot-on, and not just because they saw that majority opinion is not the same as wisdom. For Aristotle, democracy’s fatal problem is that it divides society by pitting the majority – however slender – against the minority.

Seems that the issue relates more to how minority rights are protected in a 50 + 1 democracy. Thought Canada had the Charter of Rights, and the U.S. the Bill of Rights, for that purpose. Though in most of Canada’s history, when there was no Charter of Rights

Democracy as “no better than moderate Communism”:


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