Knew who I thought you once were

We remember who we were, but we’ve become someone else; traded extraordinary for ordinary, and if you were good, you can feel it when you aren’t, and don’t want that feeling any more.

So commented Neil Remington Abramson, in another context.

Thinking about these sentiments in relation to attempted reconnections. Have tried to reconnect with some people close in the past, where the reaction is either silence or this is too much.

Have had situations with close people from the past attempting similar reconnection.

The email out of nowhere. Do you remember me?

Of course; we slept together, regularly.

Of course; we lived together, for a few months.

Then this dancearound.

IshewhoIrememberishebetterthanIrememberishesomesuccessthatI couldneverhaveimaginedbutmaybenothewasalwayssosmartbutdifferentdowestillconnect

Then the tentative meeting turns into a telephone call, and then silence.

Or after one or two meetings, turns into email, then text, and then silence.

Not who I thought you would become.

Or not who I remember who you were.

And not who we remember who we were.

If you need me

I can stand a little hurt
And I can stand a lotta pain


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