In relation to “Christ, Herod“, being an extract from a sermon by Neil Remington Abramson, Maggie Keith commented as follows:

I see the sermon as perfectly Presbyterian, as we aren’t fundamentalist. I was at a seminar along these lines, conducted by a Presbyterian minister, during which one disgruntled guy walked out.

The idea is that we’re saved by Grace, not by any acts of ours, but that we try to act in a way that would not distress Jesus, because we are happy to be in a relationship with Him. We don’t and couldn’t earn His approval by anything we specifically do. It is the effort, the attempt, the willingness to try that is most important.

I recite the Creed, but don’t believe that we have any real understanding of the Divine, although we may perceive it. I think all religions, even primitive ones, have a smattering of truth.

As John Betjeman put it “…the unknown God we are seeking may forever elude our search.”


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