Never Step Back

Be strong and never step back.

Saw film on TVO, Toto and His Sisters. 2014 film by Alexander Nanau. Didn’t recognize the language or the director.

Didn’t realize it was a documentary; cameras seemed too close for action to be spontaneous.

Turns out to be a profile of a particular Romanian roughside:

Where two of the children overcome

And full film is accessible here (TVO) and here.

What they say what they say

Shot over 15 months, Alexander Nanau’s immersive documentary “Toto and His Sisters” offers a fascinating and disturbing entree into the lives of three kids in a Bucharest slum. Lensed largely at their eye level, and devoid of any visible trace of directorial participation, the film is a powerful look at siblings who might have had a chance to escape the tentacle-like grip of drugs, poverty, and a monstrous mother. It’s this fleeting possibility of hope that makes “Toto” such a deeply distressing experience, inevitably calling into question the ethical boundaries of the genre: Is intervention possible?

As the director says

People do not choose to be bad.

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