John Chambers II

Wrote about John Chambers and his significant drumming with Elvin Bishop.
A 1969 news release, at the time of the formation of the Elvin Bishop Band, discloses a bit more:

John Chambers, Bishop’s drummer was born in San Francisco, has played with jazz artist John Coltrane, the folk-rock group, The We Five and San Francisco’s Loading Zone. In eight years of professional drumming, Chambers has played R&B, jazz and rock with equal facility.

Another side from Jerry Burgan:

He was a study in concentrated effort: eyes closed and mouth open, bottom lip drawn over his lower teeth, his head bouncing almost randomly to the overlapping rhythms. Like his teacher, Jerry Granelli, he perched more than sat on the drum throne, left shoulder stationary like a jazzman’s, with the stick balanced across his palm and fingers above the snare for quick strikes with the flick of a wrist…while his right shoulder twisted forward as he moved from hi-hat to ride the cymbal, thrusting like a fencer in the en garde position, lunging and jabbing in perfect time with his feet on the kick drum and hi-hat pedals dancing furiously to the beat. His sound was a flurry, with barrages of toms between the beats. No energy wasted and none unspent.

So one looks at it again:



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