This issue of too much time on one’s hands. Or too much slack in the organization. Slights become larger, with more time to escalate conflict, with self or others. Find in the law firm that people are too busy to become engaged in major interpersonal conflict. Firm culture is such that interpersonal conflict is not favoured in any event (though where would it be…), and people simply are too busy, and move on. Lots of self-deprecatory humour to further dilute negatives.

Much different in larger organizations, with more slack. More time for organizational wars.

Busyness as a form of removal. If can’t remove oneself physically from the source of conflict, remove oneself, attitudinally.

Busyness also as a means to remove self from self. To avoid excessive and exaggerated focus on perceived life negatives.

Experienced the differences in perceptions, through form of bicycle of busyness.

Knew someone who dealt with personal upset through power cleaning her house. Resolution of conflict through moving furniture.

A limit, when busyness is in furtherance of indifference or avoidance.

What line and where…


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