Confessional III

In relation to “Confessional II”, Neil Remington Abramson, who has previously referenced the topic, commented as follows:

Do we confess so God will know, or so God will know we know? Kierkegaard says the latter.

How can one repent if one doesn’t know that what one has done is a sin? How does God communicate our sinfulness to us if we fail to confess something God is hoping to hear us say?

Sin means placing our will ahead of God’s. If we have done that, will we hear God calling us to account? Or will we have made ourselves our own gods, in God’s place? And how will we know what we need to confess? And how will God, who loves us, get our attention? If God loves us too much, will He pull his punches? If He doesn’t, might we conclude He doesn’t love us?

Were the lines always there but you didn’t see them? If so, it may be God’s way of calling you now.

If not, perhaps God has been calling, the world disappointing and others have heard ahead of you?


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