Confessional II


From Elizabeth Dye
What I Needed to Hear in The Confessional
, April 28, 2016

Was at an Epiphany service at older Catholic church. Saw these people lined up on both sides before the service. Asked friend what they were gathering for.

Confessions, she said.

Confessionals on both sides of the church.

Had completely forgotten the tradition, if not the obligation. Remembering the Sundays as a child, when the lines started half an hour before the service, and frequently continued into the service. Needing to fast before communion. The ourfatherhailmary penances.

Hadn’t seen the lines for decades. In some Catholic churches, the confessional, if there at all, was more decorative. Can’t remember if it was even there, but don’t remember any lines like this, for decades.

Turns out that this is a larger issue. “Confession by appointment“. Or no confession at all. Friend said she thought it was once every three months, except at Christmas and Easter, when specific confessions required at the times.

Always still sitting down, and didn’t join the line.

Still, a tradition, or obligation, that made some sense in life, say fifty years ago, and today.


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