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Cold, Cold Heart

Listening to a version of “Cold, Cold Heart” by Tony Bennett, from his 1970 album, Tony Bennett Sings His All-Time Hall of Fame Hits. He advises in song intro that it was Mitch Miller who introduced him to the Hank … Continue reading

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Global Laird II

In relation to “Global Laird”, wondering if there would be a greater social benefit in Canada to provinces restricting property ownership to Canadian citizens, ordinarily resident in Canada, or to Canadian-controlled corporations, the head offices of which are located in … Continue reading

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Global Laird

Now it’s a game for all the world. In relation to the increase in the percentage of renters versus home owners in London, England, as an example. Saw documentary on issues. Not this one, but with similar theme: Ending up … Continue reading

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Christ, Herod

Extracted from a sermon by Neil Remington Abramson, Church Elder, at West Vancouver Presbyterian Church, January 1, 2017. Within Us: Christ or Herod? Saturday night, a week ago, while we were celebrating Christmas, Jesus was born in Bethlehem. We know … Continue reading

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Reflecting on why particular article might have been saved. Found article by Eric Margolis, “Fighting over Congo’s corpse”, from the Ottawa Sun, January 29, 2001, p. 14. Wanted to find out whether it was online, and what follow-up. Found a … Continue reading

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Never Step Back

Be strong and never step back. Saw film on TVO, Toto and His Sisters. 2014 film by Alexander Nanau. Didn’t recognize the language or the director. Didn’t realize it was a documentary; cameras seemed too close for action to be … Continue reading

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Image Direction

Previously used this image to convey impressions about people staying in church, long after the service has ended: Looks like a typical scene from so many churches. Not so. The caption: An Assyrian woman prays for abducted Christians at a … Continue reading

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John Chambers II

Wrote about John Chambers and his significant drumming with Elvin Bishop. A 1969 news release, at the time of the formation of the Elvin Bishop Band, discloses a bit more: John Chambers, Bishop’s drummer was born in San Francisco, has … Continue reading

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John Chambers: Drums

Picked this clip to illustrate Jo Baker’s vocals in “Two Voices”. Then started to watch the drummer. Something else: John Chambers. Several years with Elvin Bishop, after having been the touring drummer with We Five. Wondered where he was now. … Continue reading

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Two Voices

Stoneground, 1976. Annie Sampson and Jo Baker. Jo Baker dead twenty years. Annie Sampson still performing. Jo Baker: Annie Sampson: Duo in diamond, at one time.

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