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Terri Nunn: Moment

Came across this cassette of Terri Nunn’s Moment of Truth, released in 1991. Remembered her from Berlin, but tired of “Take My Breath Away“. Thought Moment of Truth was quite good, with excellent vocals: Turns out it was her only … Continue reading

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All this cycle

Blasts and bombs, all this will go on, of course, because those whose women and children are being killed for nothing will also try to use force to eliminate their adversaries. This is a natural process and it is yet … Continue reading

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Transgression Mirage

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: People often find ways of minimizing their transgressions while maximizing those of others. I guess they are trying to fool God, as well as us, and probably themselves. It’s always good to be seen … Continue reading

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Low Down Talent

You fall to a place Where you can’t find the need To maintain yourself Or your environment From the film, Low Down Tracks (2015), directed by Shelley Saywell, where the artists and their music are coordinated by Lorraine Segato: Trailer: … Continue reading

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From Paris Requiem by Lisa Appignanesi (2001): You’ve heard all Elinor’s remarks about suicide. She talks of little else. She, with all her advantages. Yesterday, she made me lose my temper. I should tell you that I rarely lose my … Continue reading

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So Human

So much in religion and prejudice that seems intertwined, at least in relation to views of human nature. Have written about the religious contempt. A view that human beings are filled with sin or serious shortcomings, and will not improve … Continue reading

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Misdescription of Incompetence

Colleague describing a lawyer he does not respect, whose self-image is significantly at variance with the reality of courtroom outcomes. Why this person continues as a barrister, despite fairly consistent feedback as to unsuitability: Even a blind pig can sometimes … Continue reading

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