It comes to decades

Much therapy seems based on guided self-discovery of patterns.

Life has its own therapy, through reflections on points in time.

So in addressing a new year and an old, one can reflect on where things were five or ten years ago.

And five or ten years before that.

And five or ten years before…

So one sees that uncertainties of accelerations turn into a harbinger of repetition.

Repetitive balance.

Negatives balanced by positive subsequent events. Subsequent events that temper.

So the one who sees all as catastrophe and misery

Likely missing messages of decades, new year



About brucelarochelle

Practising Lawyer and Part-Time University Instructor (Accounting, Commercial Law, Organizational Behaviour); Part-Time Federal Tribunal Member. Non-practising Chartered Professional Accountant (Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Accountant).
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