All this cycle

Blasts and bombs, all this will go on, of course, because those whose women and children are being killed for nothing will also try to use force to eliminate their adversaries.

This is a natural process and it is yet more evidence of Newton’s third law, that each action generates a reaction. …What is the difference between someone letting a bomb go off in the centre of Moscow and injuring 10 or 20 children and the Russians dropping bombs from their aircraft over Karamakhi and killing 10 or 20 children?

Comments of Chechen leader Shamil Basayev (1965-2006), as reported by Geoffrey York, “Guerilla chief links explosions, Dagestan”, Globe and Mail, September 17, 1999, p. A9.

Turns out that this quote is cited elsewhere, such as here, here and here.

So Russian apartment buildings bombed, and nearly 300 die in their sleep, with another 1,000 injured. Revenge justified as scientifically inevitable.

Abdication of personal choice, moral responsibility.

Religion of science.

With similar self-image.

Or an inside…


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