So Human

So much in religion and prejudice that seems intertwined, at least in relation to views of human nature. Have written about the religious contempt. A view that human beings are filled with sin or serious shortcomings, and will not improve unless threatened with the Hellfire or similar. So much referenced to post-mortem horrors to be avoided, while living, through living a particular life. Yet absolutely repugnant, if similar attitudes exhibited in parental context–as can happen, with those filled with the fervour. Of darkness, not light. No acknowledgement of the essential goodness of anyone. No light through love.

Close ties to prejudice. The demonized “other”, whose beliefs and behaviours must be fundamentally opposed and altered. Relationship between religious belief and prejudice, on basis that both involve effects on threat-reduction neurological mechanisms. One study finding that reductions in religious belief were associated with greater tolerance towards immigrants.

One has to have confidence in self to not feel threatened by others. Religious practices often associated with collective confidence, rather than individual strength. Easier to collectively point a finger at “the other”.

Where an online debate finds 94% viewing religion as a cult…

As evil as it sometimes is, where the collective may follow:


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