Tempered Lens

Recall hearing about the marriage of a particular lawyer. First marriage in late 40s/early 50s. Lawyer who specialized in family law. Was known to be a particularly aggressive lawyer in relation to family law. Not regarded as particularly compassionate.

All these lawyers in custody fights, with no concept of marital breakdown, or of being a parent.

Seems that restricted life experiences in a domain can skew the advocacy. Conversely, focused life experiences in a domain can also skew the advocacy. Had to withdraw from further engagement on a file when appreciating that dislike for estranged spouse was based on all too negative personal experiences with people like him or her. Not able to counsel client with experience-based dispassion.

Some experience with the human nature of a domain seems better than no experience. Learned this after three years in the law library. Learned this in relation to restraining order abuse.

What family might be here

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