So you get this whisper. Maybe don’t do that. Maybe think about this.

None of this dictate or you burn.

Sometimes circumstance presents blockage and you can wonder. Taken out of one’s hands, though not as frequently as one might believe.

So much choice, with degrees of guidance.

Said to somebody our meeting must be more than coincidence. She referenced divine imperative. Too much of self in such supposition.

Saw documentary on the slaughter of Beaumont-Hamel. World War I. The decimation of the Newfoundland regiment. Even though the British General, Douglas Haig, had the evidence from Newfoundland soldiers who scouted the terrain, at night, that German fortifications were far stronger than believed. Douglas Haig refused to believe the evidence. For he believed he was a Chosen One. And so he sent them to slaughter. Believing the Divine to be on his side.

Rarely chosen, as much as whispered to, on occasion.

Where the choice remains, and never the slave.

To the Other, or to a self-centred view of one’s purpose.


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