More Sensitive War

From an article by Olivier Knox, then of Agence France-Presse, “Cheney mocks Kerry’s ‘sensitive war on terror'”, National Post, August 12, 2004, p. A12:

Dick Cheney mocked John Kerry yesterday for vowing to wage a “more sensitive” war on terrorism, predicting that terrorists would be unlikely to appreciate the gesture…

“What Dick Cheney doesn’t understand is that arrogance isn’t a virtue, especially when our country is in danger. Alienating allies makes it harder to hunt terrorists and bring them to justice,” said Kerry spokesman Phil Singer.

Mr. Kerry has made patching up ties with allies who did not support the March, 2003 invasion of Iraq a key theme of his foreign policy message, claiming this will help bring U.S. troops home more quickly.

U.S. presidential election held November 2, 2004.

Second Battle of Fallujah commenced November 7, 2004.

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