Getting Smaller


From Elmore Leonard’s Pronto (1993). Scene where U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, searching in Italy, has a sense that certain people may be setting him up to be…

Going through Maurizio di Monti he passed a cluster of houses built close to the road and came to a car parked at an intersection, another one with a guy standing outside, watching the world go by, this one smoking a cigarette. Raylan passed him. Then in the rearview mirror saw the guy throw away his cigarette and reach into the car through the window. Now he saw the guy with a hand radio, speaking into it, telling somebody about the blue Fiat he’d just seen whiz by, the guy getting smaller and smaller in the mirror. It reminded Raylan of an old Waylon Jennings number, “When You See Me Getting Smaller”. One of his favorites when he was still home in Kentucky.

I’ve got the right to disappear


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