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Drummed Lyrics

He’s a drummer. He likes to use words as a percussion instrument. Joe Perry interview, in relation to his autobiography, speaking about Steven Tyler, around minute 18:

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“I’ve been rented by my husbands.”

…as she commented on her various failed marriages. The passages of passing through.

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Taking the part

Wondering whether the establishment of administrative tribunals involves a legislature removing certain functions from the judiciary. How far does an executive domain extend? Broad parameters, provided there is legislative justification? In legislatively removing adjudicative functions from the judiciary, the executive … Continue reading

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From Elmore Leonard’s Pronto (1993). Joyce Patton, describing You know what happens when you play a country tune backwards? You get your girl and your truck back, you’re not drunk anymore and your hound dog comes back to life. I … Continue reading

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And it takes a whole lot of medicine For me to pretend that I’m somebody else Person commenting on another. How the other seemed to have no appreciation as to how his weaknesses were so transparent. His image of himself … Continue reading

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In relation to “Datsun“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I never fit in sports cars. I remember when I was 21 and hoping to buy my first car, my heart was as set on a Fiat X19. No headroom. … Continue reading

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Person gets the call from friend and co-worker. Why aren’t you at work? I’m brooding. So brood at work. Get in here, now! Easier to let the day slip, to not pick up. Needing more appreciation that the next day … Continue reading

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Just before the snow: Looking like yesterday. Wondering why discontinued. Turns out am looking at a Datsun 240Z, produced from 1969 to 1978. Looking like yesterday.

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Tempered Lens

Recall hearing about the marriage of a particular lawyer. First marriage in late 40s/early 50s. Lawyer who specialized in family law. Was known to be a particularly aggressive lawyer in relation to family law. Not regarded as particularly compassionate. All … Continue reading

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In the first blue evening And day of snow Peaceful riot

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