Final at Mosaic

As reported in relation to final Saskatchewan Roughriders game at Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Craig Slater, Canadian Press, “Lions beat Roughriders in final CFL game at Mosaic Stadium“, National Post, October 29, 2016:

The Riders, already eliminated from playoff contention, dropped to 5-12 and disappointed a sold-out crowd in the last CFL game played at Mosaic Stadium.

…Mosaic Stadium played host to 611 WIFU-CFL regular-season games. The Riders boast a 329-268-13 all-time record. With Saturday’s game a sellout, more than 11.6 million fans have watched games at Mosaic Stadium since 1958 when the CFL started tracking attendance.

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

Did you ever go to Mosaic Stadium to watch the Riders- Saskatchewan’s only professional team? I might have gone once as a kid, but I forget. I used to listen on the radio and later with my Dad on TV. Ronnie Lancaster (quarterback) and George Reed (running back). They were the best and it was hard to understand why the Riders hardly ever won the Cup.

Later, when I lived in Regina, we had seasons tickets and went by bicycle (and car, when it was cold from October on). In seven years, 1980-86, the Riders won the CFL record for most consecutive years not to make the playoffs. Reed and Lancaster had retired–Reed in 1975 and Lancaster in 1978.

Mosaic Stadium! I remember it well, including the fierce north wind that played havoc with the kicking and passing games. And the newbie quarterback Joe “747” Adams, who lasted one year (1982-1983) and whom we nicknamed 7-11, when it was apparent he wasn’t the answer to the years-on losing streak.

Lancaster came back as coach in 1978 and won hardly a game. Other coaches followed in his footsteps. But in 1989, after I had moved to Ontario, they finally won the Grey Cup, in what is considered to be one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever played.

The Riders are a great team, win or lose. It’s not many cities of 200,000, or provinces of a million that can compete so well against the giants of pro football.

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