Eating Dogs

From Michael Valpy, “The Fresh Prince”, Globe and Mail, September 28, 2002, pp. F1, F8, in relation to Prince Philip. In an article section of collected faux pas (“Let me rephrase that”):

“Do you know they’re now producing eating dogs for anorexics?”

Comment of Prince Philip to a blind woman with a guide dog.

Viewed as sense of humour, with reservations, or “Philip can say no wrong.” Though he gets his own section in Wikiquote. Plus a ranked list of his “Top 15”, of which this is Number 2. Number 1 being a comment made on a 1986 state visit to China, made to British students studying in Beijing:

If you stay here much longer, you’ll all be slitty-eyed.

One thinks one is being witty, and ends up with others questioning weaknesses in social perception, if not overall rationality. Shared experience.

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